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Casaplanta Miami Garden Center 博客

Bougainvillea Miami

Welcome to the new Casaplanta Miami Garden Center blog! We are so excited to launch our very first blog-pertaining to all things plants and gardens!

So you may be thinking, why subscribe to us? Well, maybe our story will help a little…

Casaplanta Garden Center began in 2009 with one boy’s dream to live a life surrounded by plants. In the beginning, Casaplanta (which literally means ‘House of Plants’) was exactly that- a small shed that sold only ornamental plants, operated by one man.

Daniel, General manager and botanist, always loved plants. He might say he thought they were better conversationalists than some humans. He grew this passion while pursuing his botany degree from the University of Florida. There he was exposed to some of the best minds in the agriculture and botany field, spending hours on end in university greenhouses and walking the campus, learning the genus and species of all the native Florida plants. As a side note, Daniel’s father Carlos would visit the Gainesville campus often and collect spanish moss, that you can still see hanging from the oak trees that line the garden center’s entrance even now. Daniel’s passion grew, studying new types of plants and best practice growing methods. That passion eventually grew into a family business.

Today Casaplanta caters to all home gardeners’ needs. From learning about the best fertilizer to use for your mango tree (over 7 different varieties of fruiting trees sold here) to which organic potting soil will do best for your container-garden anthurium flower. Casaplanta wants to make the person who thinks “I can’t grow anything, I have no green thumb!” change that mindset to “Well maybe I can learn how to do this!”Organic 土壤 and Fertilizers Miami

The 10-acre property consists of an outside full-sun area and a plant shade house that truly makes you feel like you stumbled upon a magical garden in the middle of suburban Horse Country, FL. The center has added pottery from as far as Vietnam, Mexico, Germany, and of course, USA made. The outdoor furniture and decorations area makes anyone feel like they can add some beautiful accents to any living space, both indoor and out. At any time, it is very possible to see Daniel’s mother, 伊芙琳, decorating the design area, greeting customers with a smile and a “Estas en su Casa!” (Translates to “You are in your home”)

Casaplanta’s motto is “Come Grow with Us.” Our mission is to be a resource to the South Florida community (and now the world )to learn about the wonderful world that is plants. So we hope you stay with us while we release new content weekly, and even more, we would love to meet you in person! So come by the garden center soon, get lost amongst the trees for a while, and come see why Casaplanta really is a place you can feel at home!


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