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Mangoes – You Can’t Have Just One

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Because Casaplanata Garden Center offers such a wide variety of mangoes, I’d like to dedicate this post to the types of mangoes that are here, establishing a personal familiarity with each mango that is offered. I will go into detail of the best practices in growing these mangoes in a later post, but for now, let’s get to Buy Mango Trees Miamiknow our delicious tropical fruit.

Tommy Atkins Mango

Hi, my name is Tommy Atkins, and I am a Mango. Shocker. I was born and raised in the Sunshine State, Florida, and since my birth I have traveled all across the United States. Some may say I am not as sweet as my brethren mangoes, but I can boast about how long I last and how big I can get! I can get huge #gains. I can literally go anywhere with very little damage. I’m a durable dude. I hit the floor, some gravel, some grass, I’m A-OK! Behind my tough exterior though, I am actually quite sweet. You just need to give me a little time to mature. Please don’t bother me when I am green or if I have a slight red and mostly green color…cause I swear if you bite me, neither of us will be happy. Just be patient. Usually, I am picked up when I have a dark red blush often covering much of the my outer fruit coat with green and orange-yellow accents, and when I have this beautiful mix of red and yellow, I am ready for anything you may have in mind for me. Just to make sure, squeeze me a little, I don’t mind. I’m flexible once I am soft and ripe.

Haden “Hayden” Mango

Good afternoon. You can address me as Captain Haden with respect to my initial producer, retired U.S. Army Captain John J. Haden of Coconut Grove, Florida. My existence is due to my great-great grandmother parent tree who had produced superior quality fruit, with brilliant color and good flavor. I am not only delicious, but my variety, is the original, the inspiration. Be it direct, or indirect, the varieties you see now are my distant relatives who were developed as a result of my successful predecessors inspiring a booming mango industry throughout Florida. I still believe being the first, is the best. And my sweet, aromatic flavors can support this claim. Feel free to approach me when my green areas become yellow. At that time I am ready to serve your dietary needs.

Glenn Mango

What’s up?! I’m Glenn the mango. I’ll be straight with you, I have a complicated history and not really sure myself where I come from. Some say I’m a great great nephew of Haden. Sorry, “CAPTAIN” Haden. But others believe that I have a more interesting origin from Southeast Asia as a Saigon variety. I can say with confidence though, that my home is now here in Florida. Here I know my place and I proudly stand as one of the mangoes all can enjoy. I’m rich in flavor. Sweet, silky and peachy flavor for your mouth and your nose. And most of all, unlike my other mango relatives, I have fiberless flesh. No flossing for you after me!

Valencia Pride Mango

Hello there! How are you? My name is Valencia, and I am actually a Hybrid. It’s unknown where my other parent is derived from, but I’m super positive that I am a Haden descendant. Gosh, he’ll be mad I didn’t say “Captain Haden”. Whatever. Anyway, I am extremely proud to say that I have been recognized for my appearance, excellent production and eating qualities.I’m fabulous, thank you. I’d disagree, however, with Capt. Haden and his belief of being the better variety. With a fibreless and a smooth texture along with a sweet mouthwatering flavor and an odor which makes me a premium choice, I think I’m the better variety. Wink wink.



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